Real Name Kurniati Kamalia 
Artist Name Titi Kamal
170cm / 52kg 
Graduated S1-London School of Public Relation, Majoring in Marketing 
Hobby Swimming, Diving, Rafting, Jet Ski, Ping Pong
Fav Colors White, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Gold 
Fav Actors Tom Hanks, Ben Stiller, Jim Carey 
Pants / Blouse 29 / M 
Shoes 40

Indonesian natural beauty
Professional Actress


in 2016 Twitter followers has reached over 3,5M 
in 2016 instagram followers raised to 2,8M 
Popular young artist in 2002, by following her Film debut in “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta” (2,1 watchers) 
5 Awards in several category in FFI 2006 for “Mendadak Dangdut” 
February 2009, her single Resah Tanpamu had reached 1,5millions for RBT 
More than 200 episodes as a main talent in Muslimah Sinetron (Good Rating 2008 – 2009)
2014-2015, she had hundreds episodes as well 
Long lasting advertisment contract such as Shampoo product and electronic (Sanken)

Winner Cover Girl Aneka In the Year 1997 
Nominated Actress newcomers commendable Film Forum Bandung (FFB) 2002, (Mini Series “Lilin Kecil”) 
Nomination 10 best-dressed actress in February 2002
Best Model in Video clips MTV Music Awards 2002, (Slank – I Miss U But I Hate U)
Girl character in 2003, Aneka Yess version 
Supporting actress most popular version MTV Movie Awards 2004, (Eiffel I’m In Love) 
Supporting actress most favorite, Cinemags Movie Awards 2005, (Eiffel I’m In Love)
Actress praiseworthy, Forum Film Bandung (FFB) 2005, (Sinetron Chanda) 
Most Favourite Actress MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2006 (Mendadak Dangdut) 
Nominated best female lead actor FFI (Festival Film Indonesia) 2006, Mendadak Dangdut 
Best Couple version of Indonesian Movie Awards 2007 (Mendadak Dangdut) 
Favorite Couple version of Indonesian Movie Awards 2007 (Mendadak Dangdut) 
Special Awards: Singing Actor / Actress in Indonesian Movie Awards 2007 (Mendadak Dangdut) 
HP inspiring People award 2010 
Young Entrepreneur Celebrity Award in 2008
Best Female Solo Artist Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) Dangdut 2007 (Mendadak Dangdut Jablai-OST) 
Alumni Award LSPR (London School of Public Relations) in the year 2009

Look @ Me (Make Over)
Magic in Style (Make over Trans7) 
Make a new friend (Traveling Trans7) 
Ngabuburit (Trans TV)
Like a chef (Trans 7-2012) 
Canda Lucu Bikin Ketawa – CLBK (Global TV-2013) 
Apa (Trans TV-2013)

Ambassadors of the Environment for Indonesia Hijau In 2006
Ambassador Biodiesel In the Year 2006 
Active in the Maria Monique foundation’s 
2015 Bidadari Pelindung Cinta

Sensation (Indosiar In the Year 2000)
Pesta (Indosiar In the Year 2003) 
Paranoid (Trans TV 2003)
Impresario (RCTI In the Year 2002)

ABC Tea (in 1997) 
Tango Candy (in 1997)
Coca Cola (in 1997) 
Timtam Arnott’s (in 1999) 
Tissue Paseo (in 1999)
Sangobion (in 2002)
Pantene Shampoo (in 2004-2005) 
Clear Shampoo (in 2006-2007) 
Mie Sedap (in 2006-2008) 
Timtam Arnott’s (in 2007-present) 
Sanken Electronic Products (in 2007-2013)
Indosat IM3 (in 2007)
Makarizo Products (in the year 2008 to 2009) 
Homyped (in 2009-2011) 
Original Love Juice (in 2009-2013)
Sunsilk (in 2011-2016) 
See Baby Stroller (2016 – 2019) 
Singapore Tourism Board (2015 – 2016) 
Star Bed Cover (in 2013-present) 
Ultima II (in 2012-present)

Jamrud, title : Puteri (in 1996)
Iwa K title : Malam Indah (in 1998)
Neo title: Tono Tini (in 2000) 
Dewa title: Separuh Nafas (in 2001)
Chrisye title: Andai Aku Bisa (in 2001) 
Slank title: I Miss U But I Hate U (in 2002) 
Mr TV, title: Terbayang (in 2002) 
Iwan Fals, title : Aku Bukan Pilihan (in 2003) 
Iwan Fals, title : Senandung Lirih (in 2003)
Titi Kamal title: Kau Bilang (in 2009)
Titi Kamal title : Resah Tanpa Mu (in 2009) 
Titi Kamal title : Lebih Baik Sediri (in 2008) 
Marcel, title : Mendendam (in 2005)

Tragedy (As Elsin, In the Year 2000)
Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? (As Maura, In the Year 2002) 
Eiffel I’m In Love ( Special Appearance as Intan, In the Year 2003) 
Mendadak Dangdut (As Petris, In the Year 2006) 
100 Lies to Hide a Wife 2008 (Running in D. Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Indonesia) 
Tri Mas Getir (As Katrina In the Year 2008) 
Drop Out (As Lea In the Year 2008) 
Doa mengancam (As Leha In the Year 2008)
Barbie (As Marion In the Year 2008) 
Sule Ay Need You (As Ay in the year 2012) 
Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 (2016)

Bolak Balik Sip (As Pipit, Indosiar In the Year 1996) 
Kasmaran (SCTV In the Year 1997) 
Janji Hati (SCTV On Year 1998)
Cerita Cinta (As Anggi, Indosiar In the Year 1999)
Kembang Padang Kelabu (SCTV On Year 2001) 
Lilin Kecil (As Uti, SCTV On Year 2002) 
Gibah – kiram ( FTV ) 
Cinta Anak Kampus (As Yulia, Indosiar In the Year 2003)
Chanda (As Chanda, Indosiar In the Year 2004 
Pura-Pura Buta (As Amanda, Indosiar In the Year 2005) 
Hantu Jatuh Cinta (As Melisa, Indosiar In the Year 2006)
Pembantu Milyarder (As Bianca, Indosiar In the Year 2007) 
Pacarku Bukan Istriku (As Anggun, Indosiar In the Year 2008) 
Muslimah (As Muslimah – Indosiar In the Year 2008 to 2009) 
Playing With Fire / Selingkuh (As Anna – Indosiar In the Year 2009)
Musuh Dalam Selimut (As Riana, Indosiar In Year 2008) 
Jiran (As Jiran –Indosiar In the Year 2009) 
Baghdad (As Sabrina – Indosiar In the Year 2010)
Emak Ijah Pengen ke Mekah (As Munaroh- SCTV, in the Year 2014) 
Tito & Nayla (As Nayla – Indosiar In the Year 2012) 
Pernikahan Siri (As Zaitun – Indosiar In the Year 2010) 
Lara (As Lara – SCTV, in the Year 2013)

Single “Lebih Baik Sendiri, Resah Tanpa Mu, Kau Bilang” Launching February 2009)
Single “Ku Berserah” Launching Ramadhan 2009 / Agustus – September 2009 
Single “Jatuh Cinta” (2011) 
Single “Kamu Tahu Aja” (theme song Film Sule Ay Need You – 2012)


titikamal.management@gmail.com | emmily.gina@gmail.com

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